Sunday, September 03, 2006


elimination of the carisoprodol, was examined in 10 healthy volunteers after an oral dose of 700 mg. In nine subjects, carisoprodol was rapidly eliminated, with a mean half-life of 99 +/- 46 min, and extensively converted to meprobamate. Within 2.5 h after intake, meprobamate serum concentrations exceeded those of carisoprodol. Serum levels of meprobamate recorded 15-25 mumol/L indicate that meprobamate might contribute to the effects of carisoprodol. One subject eliminated carisoprodol with an overall half-life of 376 min, and only small amounts of meprobamate were recorded. This subject was found to be a poor metabolizer of mephenytoin. In spiked human sera, protein binding of carisoprodol was in the range of 41-67 percent, whereas meprobamate was bound to a lesser extent, 14-24%.