Sunday, September 03, 2006


elimination of the carisoprodol, was examined in 10 healthy volunteers after an oral dose of 700 mg. In nine subjects, carisoprodol was rapidly eliminated, with a mean half-life of 99 +/- 46 min, and extensively converted to meprobamate. Within 2.5 h after intake, meprobamate serum concentrations exceeded those of carisoprodol. Serum levels of meprobamate recorded 15-25 mumol/L indicate that meprobamate might contribute to the effects of carisoprodol. One subject eliminated carisoprodol with an overall half-life of 376 min, and only small amounts of meprobamate were recorded. This subject was found to be a poor metabolizer of mephenytoin. In spiked human sera, protein binding of carisoprodol was in the range of 41-67 percent, whereas meprobamate was bound to a lesser extent, 14-24%.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Italy: scientists are intended to guess the secret of the immortality

Italian scientists will undertake the sequential attempt to guess the secret of aging - it is more precise, to reveal the changes in human DNA, which lead to aging of organism. Are such the task of new project "The Genetics of Health Ageing" ("genetics of healthy aging"), the neglected in the Italian national research center aging. According to one of the basic theories of aging, men it dies because of the accumulation in its DNA of the defects incompatible with the life. In other words, sooner or later its organism reject the mechanisms, which support the integrity of genome, that also leads to the appearance of different "failures" with the synthesis DNA. Scientists are intended to reveal the genetic bases of these mechanisms, also, as far as possible to develop the methods of control of them. As the organizers of project report, in the course of a study it is intended to analyze the models OF DNA of 3 thousand people, which reached the age of 90 years, and also their younger brothers and sisters. Studies will engage tentatively 5 years and they will manage to Italian taxpayers into 7 million Euro-.